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Bodycare & Massages

  • Wake-up Exfoliation
    with Marine Salts

    Using high performing marine salts to exfoliate, detoxify, and remineralize the skin to promote a healthy, radiant skin.

  • Wake-up Exfoliation
    with Delicious Scrub

    This bodywash will reduce body acne and also prevent further breakouts to have healthier skin.

  • Soft Delight Exfoliation
    with Loofah

    This exfoliation ritual will leave the skin soft and smooth while stimulating the circulation for a radiant, bright, even skin tone.

  • Exhilarating Exfoliation
    with Ginger

    Massaged together with Ginger Balm, this exfoliation will leave you skin dramatically soft and hydrated.

  • Slimness Wrap
  • Detoxifying Wrap

    This body wrap promotes healthier skin while improving blood circulation and the removal of toxins and impurities.

  • Mineral Enchantment
    (with /without exfoliation)
  • Slimness Worship
    (with /without exfoliation)

    An exfoliation with marine salts and essential oils is carried out together with a massage and the application of green tea and red wine mineral body mask.

  • Firmness Treatment

    This treatment will firm the stomach muscles while preventing signs of aging and wrinkles.

  • Firmness Treatment
    (Thighs and Buttocks)

    This treatment targets cellulite, fluid retention and uneven skin texture.

  • Firmness Treatment
    (Full body, with/without mask)

    This treatment leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth and soft while cleansing and rehydrating the skin.

  • Peace of Senses
  • Slimness Metamorphosis
  • Aroma Back Massage

    Together with an aromatic environment, this massage will leave your body feeling relax

  • Aroma Full Body Swedish Massage

    Together with aroma, this full body massage will reduce stress and relax your mind and body together.

  • Purifying Back Treatment
    (treats acne)

    A deep cleansing treatment that cleanses deep pores, together with an enzyme exfoliation, a lymphatic massage, and a detoxifying mask.

  • Back Blemish Treatment
    (treat scars & whitening)

    This treatment will remove blemishes on the back while treating scars and whitening.

  • Underarm Whitening

    This treatment will whiten and smoothen out the skin at the underarm areas.

  • Enchanted Feet Care