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39 Years of personalized beauty

Experience personalized beauty in the hands of our beauty masters. Being in this industry for almost 4 decades, we have the solution to every problem.


Our Commitment

Our Goal is to provide an environment to help every single individual achieve their beauty standard and provide the most comfortable, relaxing and least stressful environment.






Customer Focus

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Tailored facial

Sit back, relax and let our

Award Winning beauty masters decide what is best for your skin.


Comfort & Design

IFBC Certified

Embrace the art of eyebrow best suited for you.


 On Fleek

Light and easy. With our quality laser mink lashes, be sure to walk out in style.

What Clients Say

If you need a facial or microblade your eyebrows, Poly Beauty is the place you must visit. Under the trusted hands of Cynthia, you will walk out of the beauty salon happily and beautifully.

Elaine Tee - Google Review

What Clients Say

I had an outbreak after long time of wearing mask. I decided to walk in poly beauty to do facial and the best thing about this poly beauty is they don't sell package which I prefer (lot of beauty salon always push people to sign package). Cynthia do the facial treatment target on my acnes and with one time treatment it completely improve my face condition. From there I went to try their microneedling treatment for my pigmentation it lighting my pigmentation. Really appreciate and thanks to Cynthia for the service and recommand products to use., it really improve my face condition. Thank-you Cynthia.

Mui Kwan Chee - Google Review

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